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Do you have a question that is not answered here? Please send it to clairlib@umich.edu.


Known issues and solutions

1. Empty DBM problem:

If you came across the following error report during the test phase:

>>>> t/test_biased_lexrank...............1/5 Empty DBM >>>> /usr/local/mead/etc/enidf at /usr/local/mead/lib/Essence/IDF.pm line >>>> 43.

You can try: a script in the bin directory in MEAD called write-idf.pl. You'll need to add "use DB_File" to the script so that it builds a compatible version of the DBM file.

Then run: bin/write-idf.pl etc/enidf etc/enidf.txt and bin/write-idf.pl etc/cnidf etc/cnidf.txt Then running Makefile again and you should be able to get this solved.

2. Fork problem:

This happens on Mac OS X; If you got this error after running a clairlib script:

> fork: Resource temporarily unavailable

You can try increase the number of process limit in your kernel:

use sysctl to up the kernel limit. Example:

sudo sysctl -w kern.maxprocperuid=256

After the above, you can then increase your limit in a local shell (or add to your ~/.bashrc), with:

ulimit -u 256

Source: http://chrismiles.livejournal.com/11186.html

What license does Clairlib use?

Clairlib is copyright (c) 2007 the Clair group, all rights reserved. Clairlib, its modules, and its scripts are free software; you can redistribute Clairlib and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. Clairlib is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

What are the differences between Clairlib-Core and Clairlib-Ext?

Since the release of Clairlib Version 1.0 in May 2007, the Clairlib developers divided the functionality of Clairlib into a lightweight Perl-only version, called Clairlib-Core, and a version providing additional functionalities provided through interfaces to external tools and/or languages, called Clairlib-Ext. Use of Clairlib-Ext requires the prior installation of Clairlib-Core.

Where can I report bugs?

Please email bug reports to clairlib@umich.edu.

Why does Perl give me syntax errors when I use Clairlib?

Clairlib requires Perl version 5.8.2 or later. If you use an earlier version of Perl, you may see lots of syntax errors.

How is Clairlib development supported?

Clairlib is an open-source project that depends largely on the efforts of volunteers but is supported in part by several grants. Funds are available from time to time for summer interns or RAs to work on specified projects, but students and teachers also donate code. We strongly encourage those interested to get involved as a volunteer. To learn more about how you might contribute to Clairlib, please email clairlib@umich.edu.

What is Natural Language Processing?

Please see wikipedia:Natural_language_processing.

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