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Install System Libraries and Required Perl Modules

System Libraries

You need to have DBM and Expat system packages for some of the Clairlib modules to work. On ubuntu, simply type:

sudo apt-get install libdb-dev libexpat1-dev curl

On a different distribution, you have to look for the appropriate packages and install them.

Perl Libraries

We recommend Cpanminus, a new Perl package installer, for installing the required packages. Cpanminus does a great job of finding and installing dependencies compared to cpan. Install Cpanminus using:

curl -L | perl - --sudo App::cpanminus 

If you are trying to do a local installation in your home directory, remove the sudo in the above command.

Once you have cpanminus, run the following commands to install necessary Perl modules (again removing the sudo if you are doing a local installation)

sudo cpanm XML::Parser
sudo cpanm BerkeleyDB
sudo cpanm DBI
sudo cpanm XML::Parser::PerlSAX
sudo cpanm XML::Writer
sudo cpanm Graph::Directed
sudo cpanm Lingua::Stem
sudo cpanm Statistics::ChisqIndep
sudo cpanm MLDBM
sudo cpanm Lingua::EN::Sentence
sudo cpanm Math::MatrixReal
sudo cpanm Text::Sentence
sudo cpanm Math::Random
sudo cpanm HTML::LinkExtractor
sudo cpanm HTML::Parser

Download and configure Clairlib

Download and untar the latest Clairlib package:

tar -xvzf clairlib-core-1.08.tar.gz
cd clairlib-core-1.08/

Now you have to do two things. Regenerate the IDF for your machine by using:

perl lib/bin/ etc/enidf etc/enidf.txt 

Configure the paths in Clairlib installation. Two things are needed:

  • Open blib/lib/Clair/ and change $CLAIRLIB_HOME to the correct location of clairlib-core-1.08 directory
  • Open lib/Clair/ and change $CLAIRLIB_HOME to the correct location of clairlib-core-1.08 directory

Finally, add the complete path to the /PATH_TO_CLAIRLIB/lib directory to your $PERL5LIB.

Test your Installation

Now you are ready to test your installation. Run these:

perl Makefile.PL 
make test 

This will run several tests. If all tests succeed, you are good to go!

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